Diary, 15/04/18 — In between…

A month has passed… I have taken half a dozen planes since then, staying in half a dozen different cities in three countries. Ahead, while I finish my first placement in UCL, I have another half dozen planes, staying in half a dozen different cities in three countries. After watching ‘Up in the air’ I realised I am becoming a bit like Clooney’s character.

Diary, 10/03/18 — Sorting out stuff

During the last couple of months I have been quite busy… reading, writing, planning, etc. This is why I did not really update the blog. This, and maybe because of the strike in London, the snow, and a fast trip to Athens to start sorting things out for the move. Actually, it has been difficult to find a moment, and also a topic where I could actually write a bit more than nothing. I thought about writing about the strikes (Pensions in the UK and the first feminist strike in Spain), but there is few I can say. On the latest advances, Chiara and me are finishing a short piece for Archaeology International (UCL’s journal) on the preparations for the project. We have also been discussing the fitness of our case studies’ candidates. There have been some administrative issues to take care of, and my first meeting with Dimitris. But a piece of news in The New York Times yesterday gave me the perfect oportunity to write about the importance of this project.