Diary, 19/11/20 – The beginning of the end?

My birthday apporaches and, with it, the end of a very busy period. In order to apply for the second round of my current contract, I need to justify the advances of the project four months before I was expecting to with the Covid-19 extension. Luckily, most of the base work is done, but the web seemed a bit empty. So… today I will introduce some new features in the resources tag!

Diary, 15/01/18 — Library, library, library

As part of my contract I have to spend two years abroad in placement on academic institutions. When designing the project, University College London was one of the main options. Why? Not only because Chiara Bonacchi is here and she is part of it, but also because of its library. Ten years ago I did my MA in Public Archaeology here and the depth of the collections was overwhelming. Here you have access to almost everything you need in the field of Public Archaeology and if I wanted to delve into a good bibliograpy this was the place to come.