Diary, 20/04/21 – After the hangover…

This past weekend we celebrated the end-of-project conference: #pubarchMEDfin – Archaeological Practice and Society in the Mediterranean. And it has been intense, but I think I am happy with the results. Not because we were crowds, solved every problem in the world, or will have another publication out of it. But because we had the chance to see each other again after a while and have friendly chats on issues we really care about.

Diary, 23/02/21 – Road to #pubarchMEDfin

A few weeks ago we finally launched the finally conference of #pubarchMED project. It has been a bit over three years of intense work. I am afraid the end of the road will not come in April as it should, but little by little the outcomes of the project will see the light and hopefully help continue building a better management of archaeological heritage.

Diary, 19/11/20 – The beginning of the end?

My birthday apporaches and, with it, the end of a very busy period. In order to apply for the second round of my current contract, I need to justify the advances of the project four months before I was expecting to with the Covid-19 extension. Luckily, most of the base work is done, but the web seemed a bit empty. So… today I will introduce some new features in the resources tag!

Diary, 25/05/20 – Lockdown

It has been two months since the last update… sorry. I was not expecting such a gap but when I’m not travelling seems a bit irrelevant to update boring desk work from home. However, now it makes a year since the fieldwork in Archaia Messene and I am finally putting together the data thanks to Pedro‘s help. The visitor study we did with the students from the University of the Peloponnese is still unfinished, as work keeps accumulating, but some of its outcomes are slowly coming out. One of them is the heat map of the image, where we can see those areas with a higher impact for visitors, where they not only pass by but also stop for photos, etc. There are other interesting details, like the low percentage of people that stops to read a panel. Hopefully the report will be ready this summer and I will of course upload it and share it. I have also kept conducting digital interviews… they are not the same but will save the situation. But one of the main tasks has been writing, and writing not just about some preliminary results, but other basic issues like the methodological and theoretical frame of the project. In this sense, I am particularly enthusiastic about a text where I propose a method to design and interpret archaeological heritage management models. It has been an idea I pursued for years now, and little by little all this will see the light. Anyway, I really hope READ MORE

Diary, 20/03/20 – Throwback before Covid-19

So, before the Covid-19 crisis started we were in Santiago, right back from my vacations and surgery, ready to start again with my crazy schedule of trips. As I told you a couple of days ago, this schedule is going to be deeply affected, but right now, let’s focus on the interesting things that happened during the last weeks.

Diary, 16/03/20 – Covid-19

Dear all… It’s been over a month since I last wrote and I have been planning to post something for the last couple of weeks without much luck or time. There are lots of exciting news concerning the project in February, but unluckily, we have some more urgent matters right now due to the quarantine during the Covid-19 crisis. Last Friday I had to run back home to pass these days and I will be working from here until this is over and we can move freely and safely again. In a few days I will post something prettier, but fot the moment I wanted to share a couple of FAQs: