Diary, 16/03/20 – Covid-19

Dear all… It’s been over a month since I last wrote and I have been planning to post something for the last couple of weeks without much luck or time. There are lots of exciting news concerning the project in February, but unluckily, we have some more urgent matters right now due to the quarantine during the Covid-19 crisis. Last Friday I had to run back home to pass these days and I will be working from here until this is over and we can move freely and safely again. In a few days I will post something prettier, but fot the moment I wanted to share a couple of FAQs:

Are you OK?

Yes, thank you… I am fine for the moment and I will be working from home until new notice. This is something important, not just for my safety even if I would pass this without any major problems, but for the safety of others living around me. It is important that we reduce social contact even if our authorities do not say so yet. Also, wash your hands often, specially if you touch stuff outside home. Be careful to clean and desinfect whatever might be contaminated. You will be fine too.

– How is this going to affect the project?

As you know, #pubarchMED is a huge venture where travelling is a fundamental part. Of course, this situation is going to affect the project deeply. For the moment I had to cancel trips to eight countries in a moment I cannot really reschedule anything to finish on time. In short… I am a bit fucked, but I have an excuse and options to minimise the impact. I have been trying to avoid non-presential interviews, but I will have to do them if I want to finish on time. Hopefully, the fieldwork of the specific sites will not be affected. On the bright side, I will be able to advance in some writing and coding I had to do… so will be surely busy these next weeks at home.

What is next?

Well, expect a cool post about February in a couple of days… then I will introduce you to our new team member, a student that will join us from April, and will play a fundamental role in the completion of the project. And… if you want, I will continue doing some outreach on social media with other issues about the project.

Meanwhile, see you from my window… jejeje

#pubarchMED workspace at home

*Front image is the microscopic view of the virus which causes Coronavirus disease. Taken from NIAID with a CC BY 2.0 license. Source.

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