Diary, 24/12/17 — Happy Holidays… and a great New Year

24th December, 2017

I just got home after a long trip back from London. It has been a long week out in a conference (TAG) and with a terrible internet connection. I guess I am addicted. Anyway, it is Christmas time and feels great to be back home. However, being home does not mean not working. Actually it is usually a great time to work between social event and social event. During the flight, I made the latest plans for this stage of the project (& beyond), and it looks really exciting, although scary. I am not sure I will be able to do everything I want to do, but it will be worth trying.

Planning the future of #pubarchMED in the plane back home

Anyway, this post was mainly to show up before the year ends and wish you all a very happy holidays and the best for the new year… 2018 will be an exciting year (also the European Year of Cultural Heritage) and we will try to build up on it too.

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