Round Tables

We are not keeping the videos of the round tables, but there will be a summary in the publication (AP Journal SV4, fall 2021)

ROUND TABLE 1: 16 APRIL [from 17:00 (WEST), 18:00 (CEST; EET), 19:00 (EEST, TRT, IDT)]

Complex pasts: Diverse futures

Chiara Bonnachi (ITA); Stirling University
Dimitris Plantzos (GRE); Kapodistrian University of Athens
Jaime Almansa-Sánchez (ESP); Institute of Heritage Sciences, CSIC

It will delve into the IDMS topic of the year, trying to link the main areas of the Sustainable Development goals with the management of archaeological heritage. [the first part will be the presentation of the project by JAS, with the debate properly starting around 18:00 WEST]

ROUND TABLE 2: 17 APRIL [from 9:00 (WEST), 10:00 (CEST, EET), 11:00 (EEST, TRT, IDT)]

The politics of archaeological heritage management in the Mediterranean

Andrea Martins (POR); Lisbon University (Uniarq), Association of Portuguese Archaeologists
Chemi Shiff (ISR); Haifa University
Nicolas Zorzin (FRA); National Cheng Kung University

It will cover a wide range of issues from the precarious conditions of the sector, to the national agendas for archaeology.

ROUND TABLE 3: 17 APRIL [from 17:00 (WEST), 18:00 (CEST, EET), 19:00 (EEST, TRT, IDT)]

Mediterranean ruins and people

Ana Pastor (ESP); University of Barcelona
Lena Stefanou (GRE); The Heritage Management Organization
Reem H. Furjani (LIB); Scene, Culture & Heritage

It will address the relation between people and heritage, tackling specially the issues around participation.

ROUND TABLE 4: 18 APRIL [from 17:00 (WEST), 18:00 (CEST, EET), 19:00 (EEST, TRT, IDT)]

On how archaeology impacts society and viceversa

Esraa Al-Hadad (EGY); University of Cottbus
Francesco Ripanti (ITA); Cyprus University of Technology, Archeostorie
Jovana Tripkovic (SER); Independent researcher

It will delve into different issues from looting or pseudoarchaeology to the challenges of community archaeology.


Zoom has a capacity of 100 people who can attend and have the possibility to participate in the debate.
Youtube will offer a live stream of the event for any other person, but WILL NOT BE RECORDED.

1 – Opening statements of the table.
2 – First round of Q&A from the table.
3 – The room can also ask or comment.
[the table will have preference if they want it]


1 – If you are not respectful with others, you will be expelled.
2 – Interventions will be of a maximum of 90 seconds, so go to the point. After this time, mic will be silenced.