Diary, 25/03/20 – Good news

This post is going to be short. The Covid-19 crisis has hit the project hard, but next week we will have reinforcements, and everything will get much better. A bit of good news for all. I kind of announced it before, but starting in April, we have with us a great addition: Pedro Antonio Suárez López [in the photo], a student from URJC that will do his practical training with us. I leave you with his own words:

My name is Pedro Antonio Suárez López, I study at Rey Juan Carlos University, in Madrid. 4º Double Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and History. If I had to define myself, I would say that I’m a very creative person. At my University, I have been selected as part of the team that currently work in the Laboratory of Archaeology, and perform different academic activities as a formative experience.
Also, I had the privilege to participate in some archaeological campaigns in La Sequera de Haza (Burgos), investigating about the Early Middle Ages and studying the archaeological site to preserve and disclose for the Village as a part of their heritage. On the other hand, I’m a part of a team who is participating in the UNWTO Students’ League. A competition where students prove their value by giving their best solutions for the challenges of the Tourism Sector.

Humble, and smart. He will be crucial in the final development of one of the lines in the project, as well as fieldwork in Morocco later this year. So, thank you for joining us. And thank you Alberto for having the great idea to do this. Soon more.

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