Diary, 21/09/20 – Long Covid

I am sorry. Lately I am not updating very often the blog. It is not that I am not working, but office work is not as exciting as being in the field… at least not in this project. Covid is taking long… probably still a few months ahead until a proper treatment and an accessible vaccine make it possible to live unrestricted again. Spain is still open, but the situation is not much better than in April. I had planned to finish fieldwork in Spain this month, but being a risk-patient made me postpone it with no clear sight ahead. I set a final deadline… in February… and will keep trying to finish digitally the rest.

After the last post I took some time for holidays in Greece. I realised that work looks a lot like holidays when I’m travelling. Road and Archaeology. I visited many sites in the North I had pending, saw some people… it was actually nice and I could even disconnect for a bit. The rest of August was more lame… but still productive. A couple fo publications came out. The one in the cover image, in Portugal after a workshop I attended last year. The second in Advances in Archaeological Practice, as part of a volume on creative mitigation. It is Open Access, so you can read it here.

Building the bibliography I promised…

August was the last month with Pedro in training. We will keep collaborating in a couple of things, but one of the main outcomes of his months with me at Incipit with #pubarchMED has been the backbone of a collaborative bibliography of Mediterranean Public Archaeology in Zotero. Hopefully by the end of the year, I will make the link available for everyone to check and join-add, but for the moment we are still adding new entries and will look very good.

Beyond that, it has been days of tidying, writing, reading and organising this fall… soon I will start the last stage of the online interviews for the countries I cannot visit. Then, analysis and results. Will keep you updated.

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