We will gather to edit the open Zotero bibliography resulting from the project.
You can have a look at it, learn how to use it and propose new entries to enrich it.
If you cannot attend live, but you want to participate, just write Jaime.
You can find details here.


They will take place after the evening round tables [around 20:00 (WEST), 21:00 (CEST; EET), 22:00 (EEST, TRT, IDT)]
It is a good moment to continue chatting and networking. Meet other people around, chat… and who knows what might come out of it! Most great projects are arranged in the social events and corridors of conferences, and this can be the case too. At least we will try to have fun. If you wanna have a more private chat, we can make rooms… and, of course, feel free to eat or drink meanwhile.


For some it will be a good time to disconnect for a bit, for others to grab a coffee and carry on with debates and conversations. Every time the room is not open for a live event (round tables and the Edit-a-ton), it will work as the coffee room. Again, the idea is to continue conversations and make some networking.
*The breaks right after the Twitter session and the Instagram session, we encourage presenters and others who might want to know them to come around.